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There are over 140 different visas that will allow you entry into Australia, or allow you to stay in Australia. To make a successful application for any one of these visas you must prove that you meet the specific requirements set out by the Australian government.

Paul W Laufenberg started his career as an attorney, solicitor and barrister, lawyer, “Rechtsanwalt” in Berlin Germany. He specialized in immigration assistance following his own migration from Germany to Australia in 1986 (Paul has experienced first hand the processes and traumas of migrating to Australia). He undertakes all categories of migration and prides himself on giving direct, professional and accurate advice at competitive rates. Paul is registered as a migration agent by the Department of Immigration since 1997. His registration number is 9790430. He is member of the Migration Institute of Australia and the Migration Alliance.

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Fern Kozer N.D., B.A. Psych

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Immigration to Australia can be extremely complex with a wide range of different visas available. We can only feature some of the visas on this website. We will assist you by determining and obtaining the appropriate visa for you.

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"Any person who is not an Australian citizen and wants to travel to Australia requires a visa"

"There are two categories of migration to Australia - temporary and permanent "

"Each visa has unique eligibility criteria which must be satisfied for the visa to be granted"

"All visas require to meet health and character standards"



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